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Flowers of the Month and Flower Meanings

"That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet."
-- William Shakespeare

There's no wrong time to enjoy any type of flower. But traditionally, some flowers are associated with certain months of the year, and their distinct characteristics have given them special meanings. Here are the most common:

JanuaryCarnationLove, fascination and distinction. Worn on Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, St. Patrick's Day (in green) and at weddings, this hardy, sweetly fragrant flower is also the flower of Ohio.
FebruaryViolet/IrisFaithfulness, wisdom and hope. Violets convey the meaning that you will always be true. Violets come in shades not only of purple, which is what people commonly think of, but also of white.
MarchDaffodilSpring, rebirth, domestic happiness, respect, regard and friendship. The daffodil is synonymous with spring as it is the epitome of rebirth and new beginnings.
AprilSweet Pea/DaisyLove, youth, purity. The daisy conveys innocence and there are five common types.
MayLily of the valleyLove and appreciation, while other meanings depends on each colour. The meanings of Lily of the valley can vary from love, passion, beauty and perfection. The meaning depends upon the colour.
JuneRoseHumility, chastity, and sweetness. Sweetly scented, this flower also signifies a return to happiness.
JulyLarkspurLevity and lightness. Its natural beauty comes in gentle hues with refreshing fragrance. There are different meanings for each colour. Pink denotes contrariness, white expresses a happy nature, and a first love is usually symbolized by purple. Strong bonds of love are represented by the larkspur.
AugustGladiolusStrength of character, moral integrity, remembrance, infatuation, honor. This long lasting flower comes in a variety of colors like pink, red, purple, yellow, orange, white and green.
SeptemberAster/MyosotisPatience, daintiness and remembrance. This flower conveys deep emotional love and affection.
OctoberMarigoldWarm, fierce. They exemplify elegance and devotion.
NovemberChrysanthemumCompassion, friendship, joy. Chrysanthemums have different meanings. Red is for love, white means innocence, and yellow denotes unrequited love.
DecemberPoinsettiaGood cheer, success. The poinsettia comes in three colours: red, white, and pink. “You Are The Special One” is the message this flower sends for you.

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